Kohler San Souci Touchless Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Afternoon like to show you a new product just got in recently and going to get ready to install it here pretty soon and it’s the color sand Succi one-piece toilet and comes with a low touch flush and it’s a 16 in half inches high and what’s noticeable about this toilet is the one piece you don’t have you don’t have any possibility of leaks like you do on a two piece toilet and also it’s about 25 and 1/3 inches high which is about 5 inches lower than your standard toilet,

So anyway really looks nice really looking forward to hazing this thing and and also I’ll show you the packing it came in came in double box as you can see all kinds of protective foam and stuff around it and anyway no damage to it at all and fixed getting to put get in get inside and put it together and I’ll explain you what it looks like.

After I get done bye bye ok I’m back and just installed this new toilet from Kohler the same SUCI and you know I took all about maybe 15-20 minutes one thing I did notice with this toilet is that it’s uh even though it is small and compact it is quite heavy much heavier than the two-piece toilet a hand and anyway it looks really nice and in the in the little bathroom here this is a real small space here and you know,

This toilet only has a it has a depth think of 27 and 3/4 inches which was about what the other one was but to you know like I said earlier the big thing is it all weighs only 25 and the third inches high so looks really nice in this little bathroom and get the get the no touch system installed so let you see how that works in the you know we’ll see what happens here okay,

I’ll take the top off receipt actuator it’s a very simple device this has the actuator right here you know since it’s a motion that it turns this piston right here and it opens your your your valve there and say yeah I’m colossal piston they call it it has a real good flush like all of the all the other aqua piston type systems as color uses so anticipate this this unit to be very reliable and and have good service out of it so anyway hope you like it bye bye .

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